Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yesterday Menu Foods announced yet more pet food recalls due to "cross contamination" of other foods with the melamine added to the wheat gluten that they used in foods included in the original recall. (What...they don't clean their vats !!!!!!!-Molly) . See today's Toronto Star on this matter. The expanded list of Menu Foods products is available here. The new recalls are quite extensive, and Molly will hopefully have time to list them here later. In the meantime check in at the Menu Foods page. The comprehensive list of recalled products maintained by the American Veterinary Medical Association will hopefully be updated soon so as to include these new items. it should be noted that the AVMA has retitled their list from Menu Foods recall to petfood recall, perhaps in response to pressure from Menu or perhaps merely because the problem is now obviously more than a one company matter.
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Much more to say, but it will have to wait until later.


Obewan said...

Surely we can not allow any more imports from China regarding processed foods of any type. This food contamination has been in the human food supply for many years. All processed food imports need to be banned today. Disease is rampant in the USA.

Michael San Filippo said...

Hi Molly,

The AVMA Web site has been updated to include the expanded recall from Menu Foods.

Also, we changed the name of the list as the situation dictated, not in response to pressure from Menu.

FDA is holding a press conference at 4 Eastern and if anything new comes out of that call we'll post it at


Michael San Filippo
Media Relations Assistant
American Veterinary Medical Association

Obewan said...

What is this comment that this is not toxic to humans? I have not seen one study about the effects of slow long term poisoning of melamine and a human. Do we think we are so special...believe me if your dog is effected be consuming are are an animal too! There are not tests available...please produce them before such a flippant comment is made. Here is the deal you see the N in the above formula....this will cause a spike of this nitorgen to the immune system and an automatic antigen response is required by the human immune system.
Look at any animal and or Bovine study reagrding improper food with a high nitrogen content...all the animals are sick. This is a huge problem for the world due to global warming and weather pattern changes now occurring. We were not poisoned by mother nature we are being poisoned by the Chinese....... the doctors are laughing all the way to the bank as all your friends are diagnosed with auto immune diseases like diabetes, cancer, lupus etc....should I go on? Humans are dumb animals!