Monday, February 04, 2008

Eugene Plawiuk of La Revue Gauche (yes he informs me that he has made his blog's name to be grammatically correct due to popular demand) met with Molly over the last weekend. See his blog for a very humourous picture of Molly. Yep, I still have hair these many years after. For those who want to learn about the history of Molly see the photgraph at the left. This is apparently me circa 1970,as per a photo that an old friend recently sent me. The stuff in my left hand is a bundle of the local radical newspaper-'Prairie Fire'- not a bundle of dynamite. Street selling the paper eventually became a learning experience for me, and not just because the local Jehovah's Witness peddler and I used to break for coffee and mutually enlighten each other. It turned out that I was responsible for somewhere between 10% and 15% of the paper's sales. The great and glorious lefties who were pretending to have the solution of the world's problems in their hands- but who were actually preparing themseves for government jobs- wouldn't dirty their "vanguard hands" by actually meeting people on the street except on rare occasions. The whole matter made a lot more sense to me a few years later when I became an anarchist and learned about how the leftists were merely frustrated managers without talent. I hold these opinions to this day. On the other hand the effort was fun for the sort of social butterfly that Molly is. Ain`t nothing like meeting the people that the leftists like to bullshit about.
To get away from polemics...ain`t the guy in the photo above the cutest thing you ever saw ? I still preserve a residue of that cuteness. Goddamn cute if I do say so myself, and I most certainly do.


eugene plawiuk said...

Thats the guy I knew you must be one of them pod people that replaced him. LOL

mollymew said...

Edmonton, Alberta: The prairie city of Edmonton continues under curfew this evening after the astounding events of the last few days. On the evening of the 5th of February residents awoke to the sound of huge motors in the air, and flashing vehicles reportedly criss-crossed the sky as if in a search pattern for an unknown something. This ended with a brilliant flash of light, and a house was reportedly vaporized. Early eyewitnesses reported that only a computer monitor was left in the debris, and that it was flashing the words, "The secret is....".
Authorities rapidly moved to seal off the scene, and officials from NASA are presently analyzing the area for clues as to what could be behind this mystery. Officials urge the public to remain calm, and assure everyone that there is no further dangers from the nocturnal visitors.

Despite this the city has been the scene of wild disorders as adherants of the Jehovah's Witnesses are reportedly carrying out targeted assasinations of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in anticipation of the final tribulation. More rational minds have announced that the mysterious disappearance is the first sign of the Rapture, and they urge the faithful to donate all their worldly possessions to the Church to cleanse their souls of evil. Donations can be sent via the First Church of Mollymew-Reformed.