Sunday, February 24, 2008

The French anarchosyndicalist union, the Confédération Nationale du Travail (CNT), also known as the CNT-Vignoles, has followed up on the contacts made during last year's I-07 conference in Paris, and now they are pleased to announce the launch of a new newsletter devoted to African struggles. 'Afrique sans chaînes' is being produced by the working group on Africa of the international secretariat of the CNT. This newsletter will be published every 2nd month and is produced thanks to the reports of its African union and association partners. This bulletin wants to be a tool of struggle, a message house and to serve to establish links, to weave solidarity between those who are not resigned to the present state of affairs amongst Africans from both the North and the South.
Afrique sans chaînes is distributed free on the internet at the following link . It is well understood that it can be disseminated in the widest way by this means. Moreover the CNT is in the process of compiling a mailing list of interested individuals and organizations to keep informed of the launch of each issue as well as actions and mobilizations that they undertake. To sign up for this list send an email to

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