Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The case of Mehedi Hasan, as reported a few days ago here at Molly's Blog, has come to a happy ending, thanks to the international support for him from human and labour rights activists across the world. But as reported by the Clean Clothes Campaign, an international solidarity organization devoted to improving conditions in the global garments industry, the arrest of Mr. Hasan is merely the tip of the iceberg. Since January 2007 the military-backed "caretaker government"has banned political and trade union activities and given itself state of emergency powers that severely limit civil rights. In recent weeks the government appears to be intensifying its crackdown on workers and labour activists. The Clean Clothes Campaign is urging its supporters to continue to exert pressure on the Bangladeshi government to restore civil liberties in that country. It particular they present the following demands:
*Stop all repression of workers, trade unions, researchers, workers' rights activists and policy advocates.
*Drop the false charges levelled at labour rights defenders for carrying out their legitimate duties.
*Enter into genuine and constructive dialogue with union representatives and labour rights defenders to develop sound industrial relations.
*Repeal emergency laws banning freedom of association and trade union activity.
*Impliment the tripartite agreement signed June 12, 2006 by the government, owners and workers' organizations detailing some of the fundamental rights of workers, including freedom of association.
To read more about this campaign and to join see THIS LINK.

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