Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Molly is presently defrosting from being outside for many minutes watching the eclipse during the time of mid-totality. This one looks like a definite L2 to bothy me and the wife. Please see previous posts on this subject for reporting your own observations to either Sky and Telescope Magazine or to Dr. richard keen. The only problem I have with assigning a level to the eclipse is the asymetry to the brighter regions of the Moon. So far the right hand side is considerably brighter than the left. The colour is obvious, and considerably darker than what I have heard predicted on the radio. Also, as a correction to what I have posted here before Saturn is considerably below the Moon in the sky. At totality it was quite bright. Regulus almost directly above the Moon, and only a little bit to the right. I don't know what was wrong with the references that I posted before. As I end this blog it is about 6 minutes to the end of totality. I'll be out there observing again at that time, and I'll try to get some photos, though I have little faith in the quality nof my camera.


leftdog said...

I am near Regina and went outside to catch the totality point with high powered binocular! We have a -32 windchill here (air temp is -22) so like Molly - I needed to defrost!

A great eclipse here - we had full cover of the moon with earth's shadow.

Thanks for this series of posts tonight! It was fun!

mollymew said...

Yeah, it was damn cold. The wind seems to have died down now (11:11 pm), so it doesn't seem as cold. My understanding was that there would be more cloud cover in saskatchewan than here in manitoba. But I guess it worked out well for you, especially as it seems you live outside of a city. Yes, this eclipse seemed better to me than either one of the two in 2007. Too bad we won't see another one soon.