Sunday, February 17, 2008

A suggestion has been floated (and it seems to keep on floating) over at the Carnival of Anarchy that the nest carnival be on the subject of "Anarchism and Sexuaility/Gender Issues". A "carnival" is a collection of blog postings from a number of different individuals with different points of view and interests, revolving like a ferris wheel around a certain subject hub. Think you have something to say on this subject or would you just like to see what others are thinking ? Drop on over to the Carnival, join up and say your piece. The person who suggested the subject has the following possible subjects for you to consider:
*Talk about the relationship between anarchism and feminism.
*Is monogamy or polyamory more consistant with the anarchist ideal ? Does it really matter ? Is jealosy innate, and does that undercut notions of "free love" ? Is polygamy or polyandry compatible with anarchism ?
*Does the existence of patriarchy provide the ideological basis for the existence of the state ? Does matriarchy also do so ? If not, why not ?
*What can anarchist philosophy help us understand in the area of gender and gender roles ?
Of course the field is wide open, and contributers are hardly restricted to these suggestions. The tentaive date for the beginning of this round is February 29.

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