Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As I begin to write this at 9;13 pm we are well into totality (which peaks 9:26). The Moon appears a very obvious L2 to me right now. I still cannot see any of the other stars of Leo besides Regulus, but because I am observing this from the middle of a city where the Moon is situated "right beside" the full light of a street lamp (the position I have to get to to see it properly) this is not unexpected. the wife is argueing with me about where the Moon sits on the Danjon scale, but she's outside right now with the binoculars so we'll see. Ooops she just came in and finally agreed with me. She also claimed "squatters' rights" on the binoculars. Well, the temperature is such that both of us are unlikely to be outside at the same time, at least for very long. Brrrrrrr.

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