Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stop Building Igloos in France.
The latest edition of Science, the journal of the AAAS (Nov 17th, 2006) to arrive at my door has an interesting news-bite on the matter of one possible consequence of global warming. It's entitled 'False-Alarm:Atlantic Conveyor Belt Hasn't Slowed Down After All'. The basic point of the news-bite on page 1064 is that more thorough research has shown that previously alarmist reports of the "demise of the Gulf Stream" are "greatly exaggerated" because natural variation from year to year is far greater than the decades long "snapshot" that an original article in Science (Dec. 2nd, 2005, p 1403) suggested. So take heart. You won't be skating on the Thames in September, and you won't have to import Musk-Ox from Canada for livestock in Provence.
This doesn't mean that climate change won't have serious consequences, merely that one doomsday scenario has been proven wrong. Alberta will still likely go to complete desert conditions, as will the Western USA, hurricanes will still likely increase in ferocity in the Atlantic, etc.etc.,etc.. Just that one item is in serious doubt.

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