Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oak Hammock Marsh:
The latest issue of 'The Conservator', the public organ of 'Ducks Unlimited', has a great two page article by the eponymous title 'Oak Hammock Marsh'. OHM is a conservation area about 20 minutes north of Winnipeg. It is a marshy area that began as roughly 47,000 hectares, was reduced to 60 hectares and, through reclamation efforts, has now grown to about 3,600 hectares. On a given day during the fall migrations it may play host to up to 400,000 waterfowl. Over 300 bird species have been identified at this site. The site contains an extensive interpretation centre and is the headquarters of Ducks Unlimited Canada.

The author of the article, John Geary, claims that the Oak Hammock site "topped" most places in BC and Algonquin Park in Ontario "in terms of variety and diversity in a close proximity, while providing an opportunity to get up close to birds in their natural habitat".
More on Ducks Unlimited can be found at their website at . More on the Oak Hammock Marsh can be found at .

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