Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm Cheering for Argentina:
Larry Gambone makes a comment on the post entitled 'Crumbs From The Table of Advertising' about the "site meter". I've mentioned how much I enjoy this little item previously. One of the things I enjoy about it is that it allows me to track the visits to this blog by country. As the months have gone by the percentage of Canadian visits have gradually declined. They now stand at only 40% of the total. The other top 5 are as follows: USA (36%), UK (8%), Australia (2%), the Netherlands (2%) and Italy (2%). Other countries that the machine considers worthy of listing are in the following order: Spain/Brazil/Chile/Serbia/Unknown/Estonia/Ireland/India/Turkey/and the Czech Republic.
The order of the countries below the top three may vary greatly. At times Turkey, Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia have entered the competition. My favourite, however, is Argentina. Its name comes up and goes down again with fair regularity. I cheer that team with all my little feline heart. Hoping to hear from it soon.
Now if I could just figure out why the Ministry of Education of Thailand dropped by one time ??????

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