Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Fun With Statistics:
Here's more statistical mind twisters (see previous post for quotes on same), this time stolen from the website of Straight Goods (see link section):
A. Ten percent of all car thieves are left-handed.
All polar bears are left handed.
If your car is stolen, there's a ten percent chance it was taken by a polar bear.
B. All dogs are animals.
All cats are animals.
Therefore, all dogs are cats.
C. A total of 4,000 cans are opened around the world every second.
Ten babies are conceived around the world every second.
Each time you open a can, you stand a 1 in 400 chance of becoming pregnant.
And finally,
D 39 percent of unemployed men wear spectacles.
80 percent of employed men wear spectacles.
Work stuffs up your eyesight.

What, that isn't true ?
More later,

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Larry Gambone said...

Sounds like the sort of logic put forth by neocon trolls!