Tuesday, November 07, 2006

National Buy Local Day:
Seems there is something going on down in the USA that is, in Molly's humble feline opinion, more important than the biennial orgy of political blood letting. Speaking of blood... the term "leech" comes to mind immediately. What is more important is gradual change that undermines the basis of Empire rather than a flashy day of promises. Many American citizens, like others here in Canada, have been involved in the "buy local" movement in the last few years. A local reporter here in Winnipeg is reporting on her efforts to live for a month on the "100 mile diet", eating only food produced within a hundred miles of residence. Well actually she cheats a little, she'll accept food produced in the province of Manitoba. The benefits of such a buy local attitude are obvious ,and not just for food, in terms of sustainability, local independence and employment and , most importantly, the ability of ordinary people to influence the conditions of their lives WITHOUT reference to political saviours.
Anyways, there is now a campaign on down in the USA for their to be a "National Buy Local Day" on November 18th. The website is supposed to be at www.buylocalday.org and up and running by Nov. 1st, but it still is unreachable as of now, Nov. 7th. In any case keep trying or look to the 'Institute for Food and Development Policy/Food First' at http://www.foodfirst.org for further details.

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