Sunday, November 26, 2006

More From The Local Press:
That Molly, she has to quit reading the papers. It gives her hairballs.
Paul Samyn has an interesting article in the 'Perspectives' section of the Nov. 26th edition of the Winnipeg Free Press. It's titled 'Cold War Concentration Camps' and deals with the work of Winnipeg-born historian John Clearwater who unearthed various cold war files in his research for his new book, 'Just Dummies:Cruise Missile Testing in Canada'. The files unearthed have featured among the 'revelations" of some anarchist posters in Canada, even though the content is fairly obvious. Governments did have, do have and will have plans to lock up their opponents in the case of "national emergencies", however that may be defined. The most bizarre parts of the files uncovered date from the mid-40s when the RCMP planned to empty various prisons and even the 'Portage Home for Boys' to temporarily house political detainees before their transport to Drumheller, AB (for the males) or Joyceville, ON (for the females). Bizarrely enough plans were made both for treating inmates for the effects of nuclear fallout (the mind boggles at the ability of the Canadian government to both survive a nuclear war and also provide "pills") and for plans to steal children and turn them over to social workers without having appeared to have done so. As to the latter the same sort of plan was actually instituted during the "Dirty War" in Argentina vis-a-vis the children of the "disappeared". What wasn't planned was what to do with the internees once they were rounded up.
Let's see now, release the psychotic murderers from prison so you can lock up the "real threat". A clearer statement of the hypocrisy of government could never be given. By the way, the history of Canadian concentration camps for the Japanese in WW2 is available at and that of the Ukrainians in WW1 at .

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