Monday, November 13, 2006

I've added a few more links to this blog. The texts section now contains three more items ie.
a)Ethical Anarchism by Fred Woodworth
b)Anarchism: Arguments For and Against by Albert Meltzer
c)What Is Communist Anarchism ? by Alexander Berkman

The 'Other Interesting Links' now holds 'The Literature Network', a source of on line books by great authors from Andy Adams to Emile Zola. This site seems to function as a sort of university lit cheat-source, but it is free, and well worth looking as even if you aren't pretending to be educated in an university.

The general 'Links' section now has a link to the Critical Mass organization as well as to another anarchist website called 'Fuck Authority'. Yeah, I know- the name, but the site is actually quite interesting and its owner has initiated a project called "The Darwinian Anarchist Project" in hopes of garnering writings on the subject of the relevance of evolutionary theory to anarchism. If you are interested see his brief essay on the site and write him at

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