Friday, November 17, 2006

"Dem Links, Dem Links, Dem Dry Links"'''
Four new links and a correction. I have added four new inks under the 'Scientific Links' section They are as follows:
a)Mineral Atlas from a professor of geology in Queensland Australia. This site contains not just its own description of various minerals but also numerous links to mineralogy and gemology both scientific and amateur. Http://
b) I Love Physics. Great numbers of tutorials and other resources for students from high school to undergraduate. A Forum and a blog are included on topics that involve physics. Http:// .
c)World Ocean Observatory. A source for all things oceanographic. Sponsored by the NYC nonprofit organization of the same name. Http:// .
d)Darwin Online. The complete online works of Charles Darwin, including many manuscripts and most of the correspondence. Over 50,000 accessible pages online. Since Oct 19th, 2006 this site has received 337,621 hits. Eat your heart out. Speaking of "eat" one of the new species that Darwin discovered during his 1830s South American voyage was the flightless bird Rhea darwinii . His description was incomplete as he and the crew of the Beagle had eaten most of the first specimen before it dawned on Darwin what it was. All six editions of 'The Origin of Species' are posted, so you can see how Darwin's thought "evolved". Http://

Finally, the correction . I mistakenly gave a wrong email address for the initiator of the 'Darwinian Anarchist Project' in a previous post. This has been corrected in the original post, but for the record the correct email is .

As a final note I have seen that Science Magazine, the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science plans to cancel their 'Netwatch' column. Over the years I've always found this column interesting and useful. The journal plans to incorporate the Netwatch matters into their 'Random Samples' column. I intend to send Science a letter asking them to reconsider this decision. If you are also a member of the AAAS consider sending one also to .

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Chris Moore said...

Hello Molly. Thank you for linking to my site,

I'm a little upset about Science canceling NetWatch and so are several of my physicist friends. At least I can brag about how they saved the best sites for last. ;)