Thursday, November 23, 2006

New Links:
The webcrawler says, "with great curiosity comes great confusion"- with apologies to Stan Lee.
I've added a number of new links to this blog. Three, AK Press, Red Lion Press, and See Sharp Press, are in the 'Anarchist Publishers and Distributors' section. This section will continue to expand.
The other two gave me more than a little puzzlement. Under the general 'Links' section I've added the 'Non-Resistance.Org' listing. These people are not "fine-tuned" Christian anarchists as they concentrate much more on pacifism that on opposition to the state. On the other hand they are not "non-anarchists' either. hence they don't belong in 'Other Interesting Links'. Plunk*- they landed in the 'Links' section.
Then there is Peter Marshall's site listed under the 'Blogs' section. It's a website rather than a blog, but it is highly personal and has a 'Forum' section. Perhaps all personal websites belong under the 'Blog' category. This is anarchist but also much more. Marshall is the author of the history of anarchism entitled 'Demanding the Impossible' and of other writings on anarchism. He is also, however, a popular travel writer and commentator on matters theatrical, ecological and esoteric. I'm sure that Peter would be "pleased as piss" that I couldn't slot him under the simple anarchist category. Maybe Molly's Blog is somewhat similar, though not as diverse.
More on Marshall later. It's also interesting that Marshall's blog/website ( ) has a link to an interesting article on Prague entitled 'Theatre of the World:Peter Marshall in mystical Prague'. This short essay that introduces one of Marshall's books is a truly poetic description of the "city of dreams" that Praha is. My own choice of "poetry" may be a bit more gritty than that of Marshall, but I can say that this is one item well worth looking at.

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