Sunday, November 26, 2006

The International Project for a Participatory Society (IPPS):
Activists in and around Znet and its views of "parecon" have coalesced around a new project to promote their views, the International Project for a Participatory Society following a conference in Massachusetts last June. The conference was attended by people from Europe, South America, North America and Asia and decided to form an organization to promote their ideas. Their statement reads in part as,
"IPPS stands for a classless economy based on self-management and equality, for democratic and participatory politics, and for the elimination of patriarchy, racism, and all other hierarchies and oppressions."
"The International Project for a Participatory Society (IPPS) is a group of activists, writers, media producers and others committed to the basic principles and values of solidarity, diversity, equity and self-management. Our mandate is to generate, promote and support vision and strategy for attaining a participatory society."
The website for the IPPS ( ) has been added to the links section of this blog. Their next conference is scheduled for July, 2007 on conjunction with the US Social Forum. Go to the website listed above for further details.

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