Sunday, November 26, 2006

Molly Gets Her Fix:
It's the dead of night, a wild and stormy night of course. The pitter-patter of four little feet is heard on the stairway. A shot does not ring out. What is it ? It's a cat. It's Molly ! She's twitching and fidgeting. You might say she's as nervous as a cat. She pushes away the bags of litter and stack of cat food cans, reaches to the back of the closet and draws out a brown paper bag. What's in the bag Molly?
Molly thought she heard a voice, but..'naaaw''s just one more withdrawal symptom. With shaking paws she draws something out from her 'bag of sin', rolls it up and takes a deep drag. Ahhhhh! She leans back and does a credible imitation of the Cheshire Cat. "Purrr Bliss". What's in the bag Molly?
Molly is in a better mood to respond to the ghostly voices. She points to a label on the bag. It says "100% guaranteed pure Links".
So here's some more links that the good cat dragged in:
I've added a number of new links to the 'Anarchist Publishers and Distributors' section of these blogs. These are all infoshops. I've only listed the Canadian ones, as the full North American list would be too lengthy. A complete list, however, can be found at the 'Infoshop Network' ( ) link. An 'Infoshop' is, of course, something of a retail outlet where radical literature, anarchist and otherwise, is sold. It's "sorta..." a distributor. So there they land in that category. In Canada there are now links to La Page Noire (Quebec City), Uprising Books (Toronto), Mondragon Books and Coffeeshop (Winnipeg), Haymarket Books (Calgary) and Spartacus Books (Vancouver). This will hopefully be an ever expanding section of the links on this blog.
The site for Haymarket Books is both the newest and most interesting of these links. It took some years for the Calgary people to get their project off the ground, but it's going stong now. Their website also functions as a sort of Indymedia site for Alberta as that province no longer has a functioning Indymedia site. Of particular interest is a report of the recent national meeting of the Canadian Federation of Workers' Coops. Well worth browsing.
The general site for the Infoshop Network has a wealth of information on the process of starting an Infoshop as well as a portal should you wish to book speaking tours of such places.
Molly floats off on a swirl of purple smoke. She's OK until the next time.

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