Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Note on Editing:
If anybody checks back on the comments on this blog they will notice that I have removed some comments ala my "editor's privilege". These have ENTIRELY been commercial spam. I have yet to remove a comment that disagreed with what I have said. I can't see myself removing any such comment unless the author is really and truly thick and can't understand the legalities of incriminating themselves in a public forum. In such a case it would be for the child's benefit and not for mine. This is a totally free forum, and should anyone decide to insult me I can easily reply at a factor of ten heavier. This is NOT in reference to recent comments but to things in the past.
So, that's the explanation for this blue pencil note, and why you may see "comment removed" after some posts. I hope you really don't want to know how much money you can make by sending "X" your money now. This shit is everywhere, but not here.

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