Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Geological Evolution of Links:One Layer At a Time:
I've added four more links to the links section of this blog. Two are under the 'Blogs' section, and they are both from my comrade Kevin Carson. One is the 'Ozark Blog', and the other is the 'Uncapitalist Journal'. Kevin is a tireless blogger, and his posts are always well worth the time spent.
Both of the others are under the general 'Links' section. One is 'Spiritual Anarchy' ( ) and it contains a personal view of anarchism as well as a treasure trove of links- though I must admit that some of them are dead links. The other is the website of OCAP- The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty ( ). This is Canada's most experienced and best example of integrating radical activism with union organization in challenging the powers that be. It's a NGO with a difference. Look at it and support them if you can. It integrates everyday action for reform with a broader vision of social change.

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