Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Links:
"Holy hidden meaning Batman, the Joker has aligned himself with the supervillain 'Mollymew', and they're throwing Links at us.
"Gacch, choke, gasp die !!!"
I've added yet more links to this blog. Under the 'Texts' section I've added three items from Sam Dolgoff ie 'The Cuban Revolution: A Critical Perspective', 'Anarchists in Israel' and 'The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society'. I've also added the 'Kate Sharpley Library' to the list of 'Anarchist Publishers and Disributers'. Finally, I've added 'The Preservation Institute' ( ) to the list of 'Other Interesting Links'. these people are definitely not anarchists. They believe in the "greenie" version of the "limited state" that liberals believe in, but they have a number of interesting links to authors such as Paul Goodman, Ivan Illich, Christopher Lasch and E.F. Shumacher.

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