Sunday, December 13, 2009

The other week, while cruising the local liquor store in search of anaesthetic, Molly's beady little eyes set fast on the product pictured to the left. Yup, that's right, 'Anarchist Amber Ale', complete with the circle A and a black can. Gotta get me some. Well, I ended up buying an 8 pack and taking them down to the 'Christmas mixer' where the local IWW and the Trots got together. Molly, being more civilized than she has been in months, only drank one can and donated the rest. It was actually quite a hit according to an email I got back from the organizers of the event.
The stuff is actually not bad at all. It's brewed by a microbrewery out BC way called Cannery Brewing Company. Just exactly the right amount of hops for my taste. Apparently it has been brewed since 2000, but its distribution here to Manitoba is so recent that it isn't even mentioned on their website that. It was mentioned by (who else) 'Mr BeerN'Hockey' on his blog last spring, but I thought he was spinning a yarn. The company site states that the beer is only available in BC and Alberta. Not anymore.
So, here's my little plug for the guys who make beer in an old cannery in Penticton BC. Wanna spice up that next incredibly dull political meeting where the speaker in front drones on and on about dialectics, intersectionality, praxisology and many other words that they barely know the meaning of-including many that have no meaning ?'s obviously "cash bar time", and you can put a little fizz in the dry, dull, dreary business of leftism by flogging 'Anarchist Amber Ale'. Just get on the tails of your local liquor store to start ordering it in. Believe it or not those guys do listen to customer requests. I don't know how well it might go trying to import it to the USA however. I have a vision of a whole truckload being intercepted and "rendered" by a midnight flight to some prison in Bulgaria as a threat to the "natjunal sekurty" of the USA. Ah well, at least it will keep the jailers too drunk to get around to torturing anyone. Be the first on your block to drink the "beer with meaning" on your front stoop and fling the empties at passing police cars. Where else are you going to get a "statement in a can". Fun for the whole family I'm sure.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The brewery's t-shirts are real cool too.