Friday, December 18, 2009

Sometimes a "personal appeal" can really get to you. Hence the power of the following from a member of the Workers United Union in the USA about the closing of the factory where she works. Read it and see if you, just like Molly, don't want to help out as best you can.
Tell Hugo Boss: Don't close our factory:‏
You may have heard of my employer: Hugo Boss. It's a company that makes a lot of money selling clothing to some of the most successful and most recognizable people on the planet.

For 25 years, I've made men's suits in Cleveland, Ohio. I've worked hard and earned an honest wage. And now Hugo Boss wants to close the factory, put more than 300 people out of work, and move the Cleveland jobs overseas.

Don't let Hugo Boss close our factory.
Can you write Hugo Boss' Chief Operating Officer Dr. Andreas Stockert and tell him not to close our factory?
Write him at

Hugo Boss spends big bucks on fancy ads and corporate sponsorships like the Davis Cup tennis tournament. Yet they complain that they are subsidizing our factory and they complain that our wages and benefits take too big a bite out of their profits.

My co-workers and I take pride in our work. We support ourselves and our families. And our jobs are important to the economic future of Cleveland and the state of Ohio.

We want to keep our good jobs here in Cleveland so we can put food on our tables and take care of our families.

Tell Hugo Boss Chief Operating Officer Dr. Andreas Stockert to keep Hugo Boss manufacturing jobs here in Cleveland.
Write him at
Tina Vasquez Hugo Boss factory worker and President of Workers United Local 168C
Please go to THIS LINK to send the following letter to management at the Hugo Boss company.
Dear Dr. Stockert:
I am writing in support of workers at the Hugo Boss men's suit factory in Cleveland, Ohio.

Your company has profited from the high-quality job done by these manufacturing workers.

If you close the factory, you will devastate not only the workers, but their families and the economic health of Cleveland and Ohio.

I urge you to explore all options with local, state and federal agencies to keep your plant in Cleveland open and keep manufacturing jobs here in the U.S. It is time to resolve this dispute while being fair to workers and continuing to make high-quality clothes manufactured in the U.S.
Thank you.

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