Saturday, December 05, 2009

Molly has previously reported on efforts here in Manitoba to gather donations for the families of workers locked out by Tembec in Pine Falls. The situation is sadly the same across the country as the bosses become more aggressive, hoping to use the economic crisis as a lever against their employees. Down in Ontario some people are doing something about it, trying to make the holiday season a little easier for those on strike and those who have been locked out. Operation Christmas Cheer, sponsored by a large number of labour groups in that province is now in its 6th year of operation. They aim to bring picket line hampers, grocery gift cards and toys for the children to the families of as many workers in struggle as possible. Go to their website to see how you might be able to help out. Here are some of the labour disputes where they hope to help:
*CEP Union Local 37x, locked out by Grant Forest Products since September 2006.
*CEP Union Local 2003, locked out by Cadillac Fairview since June 2009 and terminated one month later.
*USW Local 271G, on strike against Guardian Fiberglass Inc. since June 2007.
*USW Local 1-500, on strike since August 2009 against ECP.
*USW 8918, on strike in Cambridge since May 2009.
*USW Local 6200, on strike against Vale Inco since July 2009.
*USW Local 6500, on strike against Vale Inco since July 2009.
*USW Local 9511, on strike against Drivetest since August 2009.
*ATU Local 741, on strike against London Transit since Nov 14.

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