Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a little reminder about an upcoming march in solidarity with Toronto social worker Gaetan Heroux who has been fired for solidarity with his clients. Here's the callout from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).
REMINDER, TUESDAY: Reinstate Gaetan Heroux: March to Scarborough from Street Health:‏
Reinstate Gaetan Heroux: March to Scarborough from Street Health Homeless Contingent to walk from downtown east to Neighbourhood Link
** Sign Petition to Reinstate Gaetan (see below) **
ACTION: March from Street Health to Neighbourhood Link
DATE: Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
TIME: 9 am
LOCATION: Meet at 338 Dundas Street East (Street Health
)Walk approximately two hours to 3036 Danforth Avenue (Neighbourhood Link)
On December 8th, 2009, much-loved and respected community advocate and activist Gaetan Heroux was fired from his job as a PAID ID worker, by his employer, Neighbourhood Link. Gaetan's dismissal came after he refused to comply with sudden relocation of his office from Street Health, in the downtown east end, to a new location at Victoria Park and Danforth.
The move would have meant Gaetan's work providing identification to poor and homeless people in the downtown east would have been severely compromised, as clients of the PAID Project necessarily require access to workers and their ID at unpredictable times and often on an urgent basis, given the instability of homelessness.
The attempt to move Gaetan came after he spoke up in defence of his colleagues at Street Health, who have been trying to negotiate a fair contract with management for 1.5 years, and have been subject to harassment, threats, and intimidation as a result.
The relocation efforts mean that his employer, Neighbourhood Link, in apparent cooperation with Street Health management, is effectively going to deny people access to a service that is essential to their lives. Gaetan would not stand for this and refused to move. He was subsequently fired.
Join a community delegation of homeless people and friends, as we walk to Neighbourhood Link from Street Health in the depth of winter. This long journey is the one which will be required of homeless PAID Project clients if management persists with the plan to move services to the Scarborough offices. When we arrive at Neighbourhood Link, the delegation will requesting a meeting with Executive Director Mary McGowan (a request already sent in writing), to demand the following:
1) respond to the articulated needs of homeless clients and return ID services to the downtown core on a full time basis;
2) reverse the decision to terminate Gaetan Heroux and relocate him back to his office at Street Health.
We will be presenting signatures already collected in support of Gaetan and the return of PAID ID work to the Street Health location. Add your name to this new electronic petition and join all of us in calling for an end to the loss of the heart of Street Health: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sponsored by Friends of Street Health & the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

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