Friday, December 11, 2009

Once more Molly's Blog is in the running for the annual Canadian Blog Awards under the category of 'Best Political Blog'. If you like what you see here go on over to the blog site, click 'Vote 2009', go to 'Political' and, of course, vote 'Molly's Blog'. Voting will end on December 12th, and finalists ( the top 10) will be chosen for the second round. Last year Molly made it into the top 5 finalists, but came fifth out of five. Help me better that result this year.
A question, however, has come to my mind. The vast majority of the blogs listed on the Canadian Blog Awards are either Conservative or NDP. When I compare this year to last only Molly's Blog and the 'Calgary Grit' (ie Liberal) blog amongst last year's finalists have been nominated this year. This seems rather anomalous to me, as the other three finalists still have existing blogs. When I look at the nominees I am under the impression that there has been a serious "push" amongst the conservatives to put their names up for voting. I doubt that the over-representation of conservative bloggers amongst the nominees is reflective of what is really happening in the Canadian blogosphere.
What do you think ? In any case I couldn't think of a greater insult to Sneaky Stevie Harper and his crew than for a tiny anarchist blog to beat his true believers. So go on over and Vote Molly at the Canadian Blog Awards if you are tired of the lies of our present government.

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