Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here's a little reminder that atrocious working conditions are not solely found in "developing" countries. They exists in so-called "developed" ones as well. From the Sweatfree Communities group....
Toxic Uniforms
Behind the 'Made in USA' Label:
Dec. 10, 2009-- “Made in USA” requirements provide little insurance against poor working conditions and low wages, according to a new report by SweatFree Communities released today, International Human Rights Day.

The new report, Toxic Uniforms: Behind the ‘Made in USA’ Label, exposes poor working conditions at nine government contractor factories including poverty level wages, pressure on the job, poor benefits, health and safety problems, and discrimination. Nine of the factories are sole suppliers to Propper International and one (recently shuttered) was a sole supplier to Eagle Industries, held by parent company Alliant Techsystems (ATK). Propper International is the largest manufacturer of soldiers’ uniforms for the U.S. Army. Eagle has supplied the federal government and New York State. While outsourcing of jobs is prevalent in the cut-and-sew industry, as Department of Defense contractors, Eagle and Propper are required to produce in the U.S. or its territories under the Berry Amendment. However, as the new report shows, workers in Massachusetts and Puerto Rico, who manufacture goods purchased with our tax dollars, are far from immune from abusive working conditions.
Download the report
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Print copies (color cover, black & white inside) are $10 each. For 5 copies or more, $5 each. Shipping included.
To order send a check to SweatFree Communities, 140 Pine St #10, Florence MA 01062, specifying the number of copies requested and mailing address. Contact liana(at)sweatfree(dot)org or 413-586-0974 with inquiries.
Executive Summary:
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Press release
Media inquiries: Bjorn Claeson, 207-262-7277, or Liana Foxvog, 413-586-0974
Research links
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Major contractors in Puerto Rico in 2009 (Propper is largest; fiscal year in process, not fully up-to-date)

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