Thursday, December 03, 2009

As the whole world ( or at least that small handful of fans that I have) knows Molly has once more been nominated for the 'Best Political Blog' over at the Canadian Blog Awards. Last year I made it into the finalists, but I ended up as the fifth out of five. This year it's heavy duty campaigning, so get used to the nagging tone of my voice. If you'd like to vote for Molly just go to the CBA website, click on the Vote 2009 link on the masthead, search for the 'Political' category, click again, look down the list for 'Molly's Blog' and there you go.
Meanwhile I found it interesting to search down the political biases of the 47 nominations in this category. The largest number (15) were obvious Conservatives, of which only four or five were of the mouth frothing variety. Most were quite intelligent. I suspect that the large number of conservative bloggers nominated is because most conservatives feel the overwhelming need to yell more often than the rest of us. The next on the list were NDPers at 10, mostly from out west here. Sort of sad as all their best rhetoric and catchphrases have long since been stolen by the Liberals...or even the Conservatives. The category of "vague lefty" held 8 entries. What can I say ? NDPers in drag ? Likely to vote for the Green Party if drunk enough. There were 7 entries that I couldn't categorize, some of them because I had a hard time figuring what was at all "political" about their blogs. My ignorance I guess. The Liberal Party had a sad 6 entries. If the blogosphere were reflective of actual public opinion they would be in deeper doo-doo than they already are. There was one 'libertarian'. Or maybe she was conservative. I had a hard time typing her. Then, of course, there was our heroine , the brave Mollymew, sole anarchist in the lot. Hopefully hissing and spitting her way to victory. Vote for Molly if for no other reason than to flip the bird to the parties that the others favour.

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