Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well, Round 1 of the voting is over at the Canadian Blog Awards, and in the 'Best Political Blog' category Molly's Blog has once more made it into the finalists. This year I placed 6 out of 10, and Round 2 of voting will go on until December 19th. So get out your clicking finger, and go right over and help Molly out by voting for her in Round 2. Here's how it's done...
♦Go to the Canadian Blog Awards website
♦See the section 'Round 2 Ready'
♦Click 'round 2 is up for voting
♦Go to 'Political' and click
♦Find Molly's Blog on the list and click,click,click,click for her as your first choice.
It's that simple. So her a poor cat out and Vote For Molly. Free virtual beer for all my supporters.


Larry Gambone said...

Done! Good luck!

Andrew Lawton said...

Done! Okay well I put you as number two, no offense intended of course.

mollymew said...

God Almighty,
George Orwell always went out of his way to never meet anybody whom he had written against politically. His reason...was that it was hard to polemicize against somebody when that person had a face to him. I see his point Andrew. No offense taken.