Friday, December 04, 2009

As Molly has repeated ad nauseum before on this blog, Molly's Blog is in the running for the 'Best Political Blog' over at the Canadian Blog Awards. If you like what you see here and need yet another reason to vote for Molly consider the following. The CBA seem to be pretty much an anglophone affair. the 'Best French language Blog' category had so few entries that voting there was put off until round 2. For the large number of Conservative bloggers who have been nominated this may not be a bad thing. They do, after all, tend to have heart attacks and strokes when they turn their cereal boxes around in the morning. As far as I can determine Molly's Blog is the only entry where posts in French and translations from same appear (sporadically enough I must admit ). According to the 2009 Canada Year Book there are still 22% of the Canadian population who list their first language as French. While 22% of the posts on this blog are not in French, the small number that are posted here are indeed better than 0%. Thus...I conclude that Molly is the only real Canadian amongst the nominees, and you should therefore vote for her. Do it now while the spirit moves you. Consider that many of the Conservatives would be pleased as punch to betray their country and have it join the USA. patriotism is not mindless support for invading a foreign country on the other side of the Earth. It may, however, consist of preserving aspects of our nation that make us different from the only country that has ever invaded Canada in history. Think about it, and vote Molly. That's it for the night. See you in the morning.

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Larry Gambone said...

"patriotism is not mindless support for invading a foreign country on the other side of the Earth"

I wish I had said that. A lovely aphorism!

Today's Cons are Canadian Pinochetistas - pimp their country to the Gringos, all the while wrapping themselves in the flag and condemning others as traitors. A form of psychological projection.