Monday, December 07, 2009

Here's your chance to tell multinational Vale Inco what you think of them and their attitude towards bargaining with the Steelworkers during the strike in Ontario and Newfoundland. The online labour solidarity site Labour Start has the following online letter campaign directed at Vale management.
Canada/Brazil: Tell Vale that divide-and-conquer won't work:
Since being privatized in 1997, the global mining giant Vale has unleashed a vicious attack on workers. The company undermined health and safety standards in Brazil and now it's set its sights on Canada. In 2009 negotiations with the United Steelworkers (USW), Vale claimed it needed deep concessions - despite making over $13 billion (USD) in 2008 net profits. The company’s strategy is to divide and conquer by undermining seniority and providing lesser benefits to new employees. 3,500 members of the USW rejected Vale’s demands and went on strike in mid-July. Vale has since announced it will hire replacement workers and force other union members to do the work of the striking miners. Meanwhile Vale workers throughout Brazil are struggling to hold on to jobs, earn a living wage, achieve minimum standards for safe working conditions, and guarantee basic labor rights. Vale employees and their unions in Brazil and Canada are fighting back together, reaching out to workers in a global campaign for fair treatment at Vale.
Please go to THIS LINK to send the following message to Vale Inco management.
Dear Vale CEO Roger Agnelli,
I am deeply concerned about how global mining company Vale is treating workers. Although Vale is highly profitable, the company has provoked a labor dispute in Canada and now is replacing the striking miners, while continuing to play hardball with workers in Brazil. Vale should quit trying to divide unions and communities. The company must return to negotiations and make fair offers in Brazil and Canada.
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