Friday, December 11, 2009

Here's a little item in just before the holidays, and you might consider the following as an inexpensive 'stocking stuffer'. The School of the Americas Watch (SOA WATCH) who keep a steady eye on the torture schools run by the US military for their Latin American client states has a great little poster for sale. Here's their ad.
Poster "Stand up for Justice in the Americas - Close the SOA":‏
"Stand up for Justice in the Americas - Close the SOA" Poster
Click here to order the poster(all proceeds will be used to boost the organizing work to close the SOA/ WHINSEC)
The powerful image of Ingrid, standing vigil at the gates of Fort Benning with a picture of one of her disappeared relatives from Guatemala in her arms, is moving and represents a lot of what the movement to close the School of the Americas is about. We are survivors and allies and we are calling for an end to the violence. We are demanding accountability from the U.S. government for the ongoing atrocities that are being committed against the people of the Americas by graduates of the School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC).
People continue to suffer the loss of loved ones because of the actions carried out by graduates of the school. Click here for a photo of Rebecca Murillo, holding a picture of her brother Isis, one of the many Honduran martyrs who have been killed since the June 28 SOA graduate led military coup in Honduras.
In the face of all this suffering and military repression, people in the Americas are standing strong, remembering the martyrs and continue to resist injustice and oppression.
Click here to order the bi-lingual, union-printed 12" x 24" posters securely online via PayPal (all proceeds will be used to boost the organizing work to close the SOA/ WHINSEC)
1-9 posters $5/each + shipping and handling
10 posters $3/each + shipping and handling
20 posters $1.75/each + shipping and handling
30 posters $1.25/each + shipping and handling
40 posters $1/each + shipping and handling
50 posters 90 cents/each + shipping and handling
You can also order the poster over the phone (202-234-3440) or by sending your poster order together with a check or money order to
SOA Watch
PO Box 4566
Washington, DC 20017
You can display the posters at your school or university, at progressive bookstores, give it as a present to family and friends or use it in your local organizing.The posters were printed at Red Sun Press, a worker-owned union print shop in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.The powerful artwork was created by artist César Maxit, based on a photograph by Linda Panetta.
Thank you for your work in the movement to close the SOA and for justice in the Americas!In Solidarity,SOA Watch

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croghan27 said...

I drove past this School of the Americas in late 2002, stopped to speak to a couple of the protesters outside the gates (you cannot see it from the road, it is behind trees).

After explaining that my Ontario plates were not from a state but another country (well - almost .. well, used-to-be another country) They began to tell me of personal tales of the actions of the 'graduates' of this disgrace to the word school.

One was from Columbia and the other from Nicaragua.

I let them go on as long as I could stand it .. but the stories they related were so disgusting, so inhuman that upon leaving I could not sleep for several nights.

The stories are told, not by survivors of the ordeals - there are none, but by those that hid, terrified in the woods while the slaughter and the gang rapes and the torture went on.