Monday, January 14, 2008

The Anarchist Black Cross in the Moscow region has been reorganized after three years of prisoner support activity by only concerned individuals. The ABC of Moscow was finally reorganized as a functioning group last summer, as criminal prosecutions against anarchists in Russia reached their highest level in years. previous concepts of collective membership of existing anarchist groups proved itself not capable of encouraging initiative. This new group consists of individuals only and is completely independent of any existing anarchist groups, though their website is still hosted by Autonomous Action. Their focus of activities remains the same as the focus of the group that existed three years ago. we focus on support of anarchist and anti-authoritarian prisoners, they translate information about repression worldwide into Russian and from the Russian language. They encourage people to write letters of solidarity. They raise funds for legal costs by various means. They also have an idea to publish their own zine. They have already organized solidarity for the anarchist class war prisoner Pavel Delidon, a St. Petersburg anarchist whom state authorities attempted to frame for bombing the "Nevsky Express" train, along with other Moscow anarchists.
The contact address for the Moscow is ABC, Box 13, 109028, Moscow, Russia. Their website is at or . Please see the following A-Infos article for more information and for a history of the Anarchist Black Cross.

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