Thursday, January 24, 2008



Ken Knabb, the human behind the Bureau of Public Secrets, an online collection of material on situationism, has just added several documents on the films of Guy Debord, one of the movers and shakers behind the SI. See the following list. Ken Knabb has also translated Guy Debord's 'Complete Cimatic Works' (see or order from AK Press ). Still more info on Debord can be found at Guy Debord Cineaste, and at the LibCom online Guy Debord Archive (for his written works), as well as at the Situationist International Online site. Knabb's BOP site has excerpts from his films as well as the latest information on the films themselves. You can also see downloadable samples from his films at . For a complete DVD set of the films (in French) see Gaumont (cost about 50 Euros). On to the list...
@Technical Notes on Guy Debord's First Three Films
@Letter About Debord's Film "On the Passion of a Few Persons..."
@Original Announcement of Debord's Film "The Society of the Spectacle"
@The Use of Stolen Films
@The Themes of Debord's Film "In girum imus noste et consumimur igni"
@Instructions to the "In girum" Sound Engineer
@Debord Chronology
@Debord Filmology
@Texts Relating to Debord's Films

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