Saturday, January 12, 2008



See the photos above. They are from the anti-anarchist website Zombietime which picks out the worst of not just anarchist gatherings but also other political events. I admit that said website has more than 10,000 axes to grind, but it still cannot grind said axes unless we give

them the opportunity. The webmaster of Zombietime is particularly obsessed with left-wing anti-semitism, but that is hardly all that he documents, even if it is a big portion of same. To Molly's lights it is no wonder that serious anarchists hold their conferences separate from the "general anarchist gatherings". "Scrotum Man" above was a participant in the 2006 anarchist gathering in San Francisco, as he has been a feature at other anarchist gatherings. The trick is to inject your scrotum with enough fluid so that it will appear in a deformed and unusual picture. What this has to do with "anarchism" I will leave up to my sick post-leftist "comrades" to describe- providing, of course, that they can situate it into their ideology. Pretty fucking weird.

Now not that Molly is forever against "weird". Weird always has its place, particularly within a political philosophy such as anarchism. Individual choice,etc.....yabba, yabba, yabba. What I object to is when "weird" overwhelms things that make sense and gives play to anti-anarchists such as the reference above . Scrotum Man is merely one nut. He can be easily tolerated. What is different is the tolerance of an ideology that has set its goal as the destruction !!!! of anarchism and its reduction to a debating club. Primitivism and "post-anarchism" have set this as their goal. Whatever rational criticisms they make have to be answered and set aside for the goal of anarchism becoming a powerful movement. Their nuttiness also has to named for what it is. Yes, John Zerzan is at least as insane as "Scrotum Man", and this has to be recognized. Anybody who visits the Unibomber in jail and thereby shows sympathy is nothing but an embarrassment to those of us who want to operate in the real world. At least 'Scrotum Man' doesn't have the gross pretense of justification for murder as Zerzan(and his mindless followers) does.

Yes, far too often the weird overwhelms those who want to make anarchism a reality at such gatherings. Showing up at such is more often an exercise in futility. All this is beside the point of how embarrassed you have to be for your idiotic "comrades". Do it if you think there is a point to be gained, but recognize the limitations.Unlike the opinion that the webmaster of the above site has formed, anarchism is a real economic option for today's world. But I urge my comrades to look at the site so that they can see just how badly we are presenting this option to the world.

By the way, Molly believes that one of the great advantages of age is "the gaining of wisdom". Quite obvuisly the people pictured in the photos above have gained no such wisdom. They were gross when they were young, and they are grosser now. Pack it up and learn something guys.

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Werner said...

Yuck. This stuff is even worse than crazy old Bill Levant and his comic books.