Saturday, January 19, 2008

Things chug along at their usual slow speed here at Molly's Blog. I have begun the editing process ie the addition of Baron Mollydi's House of Zombies and the section for links in French (Liens en Francais), but there's still a lot of work to do on both. In terms of the Liens en Francais those that are listed in the general links section will be moved there, but those that are listed under some other categories such as 'Anarcho-Syndicalist Links", 'Platformist Links', etc. will be duplicated in both sections. Enlaces en Espanol will begin in the near future.
But now, I'd like to alert the reader to our growing texts section. Recent additions revolve around the extended reprint of Doug Newdick's 'Anarchy and Game Theory' on the main blog. I hope to complete this soon. The reprints are not just reposting but also contain info on other links that bear on this subject, so don't forget to look for them. The texts section now contains both this essay and Newdick's other essay 'Power and Consent'. There is also Jam Okra's 'Can Cooperation Ever Occur Without the State ?' and an interesting essay of the "tragedy of the commons" by Dennis Fox entitles 'Psychology, Ideology, Utopia and the Commons'. Molly found this while looking up things revolving around her comments about 'The Rebel Sell'. Molly read the latter book some time ago and planned to review it here, but , like many things it fell into the cracks in time. Maybe I should actually do it. But, speaking of Fox, look for an introduction to this man here at MB. His main site and blog have also been added to our links, and I have to say that he is well worth reading.
More later.

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