Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Polish anarchist news service Centrum Informacji Anarchistcznej has recently been featuring stories about an ongoing strike at the Budryk Mines. This strike began with a protest on December 13th,when six miners began a hunger strike, and since December 17th all the miners have been on strike and are occupying the mine premises. The Budryk Mine belongs to the Polish State Treasury. The output per worker at the mine is twice the Polish average, and the mine is quite profitable. Despite this workers' wages are the lowest in the industry. The government wishes to merge the Budryk Mine with the JSW mines, also state owned, and the Budryk workers are demanding wage parity with the workers of JSW. This New Year's Day the management board have sent a letter to the state security agency and the prosecutor's office asking for prosecution of the strikers. The strikers have called for solidarity, both financial and in the form of protest letters to the management and to local authorities. To read more about the issues and history of this strike go HERE. To see how you can help out, and where to send letters of protest go HERE.

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