Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The people over at Z Magazine and Z-Net have spent the last few months in a massive upgrade of their website, and the results are now open to public view. Z-Communications carries all the features of the old Z-net plus much more. All the daily updated political commentary, forums, back issues of Z Magazine, blogs and multilingual access of the former with many new features such as webhosting, ZVideo, ZBooks, etc.. Many different levels of participation available depending upon subscriber choice. Some of the links here at Molly's Blog that referred to Z-Net connected items (such Michael Albert's and Noam Chomsky's blogs) have been updated in light of this new site.
Molly has to say here that Z Communications(and the old Z-Net) would have been a contender in my list of the best anarchist sites of 2007. Just one little problem. It is not an anarchist site. I mean this with no disparagement and no disrespect. There are many !!! anarchist sites that I wish I could define away as easily, but they tie a basic agreement with the ideology(often at its crudest level) to other positions that are at best irrelevant and at worst truly repugnant. The reader can look through the content of Z-Communications to see just how far most of the contributors are from an anarchist position. At best it can be labelled "sympathetic" to some forms of anarchism- the intelligent ones anyways. Anarchist or not, however, Z Communications features some truly outstanding political commentary and is always well worth reading. Have a look at their new effort.

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