Saturday, January 19, 2008

As reported some time ago here at Molly's Blog the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood initiated an international campaign against the "trial balloon" of McDonald's offering a free Happy Meal to children in Seminole County, Florida who got good grades on their report cards. The international fast food giant has been forced to back down, and this fact has been broadcast in international news media. The initial question may have seemed small. The first images that come to Molly's mind when hearing the phrase "Seminole County" are Pogo and L'il Abner. Yet this is the way that corporations such as McDonald's operate. Try a few test cases first. If they fly then suddenly continents are covered with the same thing. The fact that small local struggles such as these are important can be seen by the fact that their victory gets international coverage. One has to admit that many people, Molly amongst them, derive a certain amount of glee from seeing Ronnie get a boot in the butt. Keep on kicking. See the website highlighted above for more of the actions of the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

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