Friday, January 25, 2008

Molly would like to take the opportunity to remind her readers of the availability of our local Info-Usurpa which presents local radical events here in Winnipeg on a weekly basis (published every Tuesday). Always available for download. A modest effort, but despite its disparagement by the now infamous Winnipeg Indymedia (which is now nothing but a forum for Nazis and Zionists to trade insults and whose idea of "events" is, for some bizarre reason, reproducing an events board from Vancouver) continues to present things here in Winnipeg on a weekly basis. Coming up the Mondragon at 91 Albert St., a fund-raising brunch for the Anarchist Black Cross this Sunday, January 27th.
Also, very unfortunately, coming up on the same date is the local "Radical Reading Group" discussion on Peter Gelderloos' ''How Nonviolence Protects the State'. For those unfamiliar with this goof I refer them to his "support" site at . This guy is quite sickening. He has distilled every Stalinist prejudice of the American left from "white privilege" onwards into his little, tiny effort to have an "identity". The result he calls "anarchism", no matter how remote it is from the reality of that word. For two years now, since he was arrested in Barcelona when he was on his "rich boys' tour" of Europe, he has lived without visible means of support while awaiting charges that he could easily have avoided by simply not appearing as a "flashing neon sign of idiocy". One only wonders how long mommy and daddy will put up with this nonsense. His previous efforts included a visit to Greece from where he spread his American leftist ideological miasma over the very serious struggle of real anarchists against the terrorist tactics of a Maoist influenced wing of the Greek movement, usually referred to as the autonomists.
Gelderlloos has decided to promote mindless violence, under the ideological cover of "insurrectionism", as some sort of rational set of tactics for anarchism today. Molly now throws up a great hairball...blaah,blaah.blaah. This little piece of stupidity came to my attention on the same day that I read an article in the daily press about how some internet star of the Neo-Nazis who encouraged violence was, all along, a mole for the FBI. Oh....surprise,surprise,surprise !!! The role of the agent-provocateur extends way back beyond the Okhrana actually agreeing to an assassination of a member of the Cabinet to further entrap the radicals. It is as old as the dinosaurs. Not that Genderlloos is actually being paid by either the CIA or the FBI. It is far more likely that he is simply a rich kid whom his parents have too much sympathy for. Yet... when he finally returns to the USA you can depend that his circles will be well infiltrated by various American secret police, all of them very happy to short-circuit radical protest via the stupidity that this fool advocates, and all of them gathering evidence for new trials.
Holy fucking Jesus. Speaking of reinventing the wheel. This history of provacateurs is so long and so obvious that is a standing testimony to human stupidity that so many young people today don't make the slightest effort to learn it and govern themselves accordingly. It can also be seen from simple common sense...if you intend to "get" someone who is presently more powerful than you then you don't start by announcing your intentions from a position of weakness. Of course, common sense may be a "bad word" when you are operating from the guilt -ridden swamp of American identity politics that disguises itself as "anarchism". Actually doing something to advance society is very much beside the point to such a religious delirium.
Yeah, it's pretty obvious that this idiot inspires, at best, contempt in me. When I was in Spain the wife and I had our own little confrontation with La Guardia Civil, and I managed to talk our way out of it (the suspicion was that we were making a drug deal with a Turk we had met on the street). The buggers didn't even steal any of our money. Neither did we get beat up. On the other hand we didn't have to declare our "identity" as rebels and anarchists (like almost all real Spanish anarchists don't have to do because in Spain anarchism is now part of the everyday life of ordinary, non-show-off people) by wearing some sort of silly costume, down to "radical flip-flops"-the thing that was highlighted in Gederloos' arrest(he paints slogans on his shoes-literally!!!). Not that I think that the police should persecute people who "look weird", but this really the image that we want to present to the world concerning what "anarchism is all about". And do we want to encourage the delusions of grandeur that lead some people into thinking that tiny set-piece riots are some sort of great and overarching threat to the way that society is organized ? Delusions like this are great barriers to actually trying to find ways by which a movement that is still very tiny can grow. They discourage critical thinking, or actually any thinking at all. This is an example of the worst of identity politics, right down to the shoes on your feet.

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