Friday, May 02, 2008

The following is a translation of an article published yesterday night on the Québec City platformist blog Voix de Faits. The original in French is at that site.

The event held this evening in Montreal as part of the Mayday/the Workers' Festival was violently repressed by the cops. About 500 people had gathered in the Quartier Hochelaga Maisonneuve and were heading towards the city centre. Apart from a confrontation with three neo-Nazi insulting the demonstrators, nothing had occurred when anti-riot savagely attacked. Between 100 and 200 cops trapped the demonstrators on the corner of Ontario and Parthenais, charging from the front and the rear. They were beaten and peppered at random. Among the demonstrators were children in strollers, who were fortunately evacuated. After ten minutes of encirclement and violence, the demonstrators managed to flee through street Parthenais Street, chased by cops. Several people were arrested, including some people who did not participate in the event. We saw an itinerant getting beaten, an independent cameraman was snatched and his camera was destroyed by kicks.Also other police dirty tricks. More details and a photo report coming soon. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

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