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There are two anarchosyndicalist union federations in Spain, the CGT and the CNT. Both have been involved in support for a recent strike of the bus drivers in the city of Sevilla. This partial strike has been ongoing since the 15th of May, and it promises to be a rather hard fought battle. here are the statement of the two anarchosyndicalist federations. First of all the CNT.

The passenger transport workers of the CASAL company are on indefinite strike and have taken this decision, the harder and riskier for them, after six months of strikes and partial strikes with no progress in the negotiation. The pimping and arrogant attitude of the company has prevented the most minimal accommodation.

But what the workers want?
*Days of work as established by Law
* Rest as established by Law
* Access as established by Law
*Temporary contracts as established by Law
*Dignified wages and that which are established by Law
* Holidays according to Law
*Friendly(good faith ?-Molly) negotiations according to Law

Definitely , ending an absolutely distressing and humiliating situation which directly threatens the security of transport, which affects both workers and users. They want the same thing as the workers of Comes, Dames, Amarillos, Moreno, Rico, Linesur, Alsa, etc.. The employer is united. They meet and agree with ease. At the table there sits a representative of each of these companies.

The labour authorities, politicians, prosecutors, inspectors wash their hands of it. WE HAVE NO JURISDICTION! The European Road Transport Act is the law and, it should be enforced. It must be enforced. We must implement it. And you are those responsible for guardianship and enforcement. But neither should you believe everything you read! Think.

This strike is going to be tough, very tough. Because today you are alone. As the comrades of Comes were recently alone. As were Dames and Amarillos alone. Because we can win battles but the war is lost in advance until the day that we understand that solidarity, unity and mutual support of all is the only way to confront and win the war. Therefore we ask from here on, the participation of the workers in the sector in particular and workers in Seville overall in all events and initiatives that are required by the workers of Casal, in all its forms: demonstrations, rallies and economically. Because the struggle of these comrades is the struggle of everyone. Because the fight dignifies and raises the awareness of all.
Syndicat des Transports of Seville
National Confederation of Labour

And then the story of the strike as carried in Royo Y Negro, the newsjournal of the CGT on May 20.....


Since May 15, workers of the passenger transport company CASAL Sevilla have maintained an indefinite strike (they have implemented 60% of minimum services during peak hours and 30% in off-peak hours) by following demands:

*** Safer vehicles (some buses are up to 12 and 13 years old with brakes in poor condition, etc.). ***For respect of the rest periods between working days (sometimes there have been only 5 hours between the completion of a workday and the beginning of the next and is quite normal in the company that there are just 7 hours among these, and this has a direct impact on the safety of drivers and passengers).(No kidding-Molly)

***That the workday be less than 12 hours. (it is rare that the workers don't have put in 12 to 13 hours).

***To implement the Royal Decree Law 902 which governs the rest periods for passenger transport by road (In Casal, as in many other companies, they are not implemented).

*** Wage increases of EUR 300 (these workers make about 800 euros a month with 12 hour days; the company is only prepared to raise the salary to 875 euros).

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