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The Spring 2008 edition of the Northeastern Anarchist (Issue 13), the journal of the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists(NEFAC) is now available. Want to know what anarchism is all about ? Tired of the juvenile antics and pseudo-intellectual pretensions of primmies and post-leftists obsessed with a delusion of self-importance ? Ready for an adult and reasonable version of the idea ? Try out the NEFAC magazine. Not that Molly agrees with everything that comes out of this quarter, but still, it has the odour of seriousness, sanity and sensibility. Here's the announcement for the mag.


Northeastern Anarchist #13, Spring 2008 OUT NOW!

Quote:The Northeastern Anarchist is the English-language magazine of the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC), covering class struggle anarchist theory, history, strategy, debate and analysis in an effort to further develop anarchist-communist ideas and practice.

This issue's contents:
* Workers at Sanitarios Maracay Fight for Dignity, Megan Hise

* Kicking the Commies out of Cleveland: Militant Labor under Attack at the Onset of McCarthyism, J. Hons

* Socialism and the Recuperated Factory Movement: Capitalist development and delusions, Todd Hamilton

* Vermont Communes: A Look Back At The 60s Counter-Culture & Politics, David Van Deusen

* Now is the winter of our discontent: SA public sector strike stokes the fire of popular-class unity and reveals "communist" weakness, Michael Schmidt

* First Pity Then Punishment: The History of Women and Welfare, Reb

* No Borders, No Nations, Stop Deportations: An Interview with the Anarchist Federation in Nottingham, England

* The Ecological Challenge: Three Revolutions are Necessary, Alternative Libertaire
* Planet of Slums, reviewed by James R.

* Communitas Means of Livelihood and Ways of Life, reviewed by Wayne Price
* Dear NEA- Sean West Responds

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Subscription (4 issues) ................. $15

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Single back issues $2 each

Entire set of back issues (#1-8, 10-12) ......$22

Bundle orders for distribution $3 per copy for five or more copies $2.50 per copy for ten or more International orders ......please add $4
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