Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This one is for the anarchist intellectuals amongst us. There are numerous "CIRAS"(in many countries they go by different acronyms) scattered across the world, mostly in Europe. These are essentially "anarchist archives" where the history of the movement is collected and stored. The institution in Lausanne Switzerland is one of the preeminent ones, and it has recently been involved in a fund raising effort in order to stay at its present location. Here is the announcement of its success, and the address of its online catalogue. Molly raises her glass in a toast.
Switzerland, Lausanne, CIRA The anarchist archive catalog online
Dear friends, dear comrades,
--- The solidarity and fund raising campaign of 2007 has been successful.
--- Thanks to the many friends, comrades, groups or organizations who gave time and money, the amount requested in order to keep the library at its current location has been collected.
--- Many thanks to those who donated money, relayed the campaign, organised events, etc.
--- After this campaign, we achieved the migration of the cataloguing software. The library's catalog is now available online under It gathers serials, monographs, audio and video recordings in one database. The interface exists also in English.
--- The software, PMB, is distributed under the CeCil licence, a French equivalent of the GPL.The old catalogue's recovery, the software configuration took about six months work. This should allow readers located away from Lausanne to consult an updated catalog and to use advanced search possibilities.
Fraternal regards,
the CIRA
-- CIRA Beaumont 24,
CH-1012 Lausanne

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