Sunday, May 18, 2008

Russian police have an historical reputation for repression and brutality, no matter what the regime is. In recent years the growing Russian anarchist movement has been the target of Russian police repression. But the anarchists continue to fight back. The following is a recent report translated from the Russian anarchist news site Avtonom about a recent picket in St. Petersburg.

At the Palace,a mass picket against militia arbitrariness
About 40 people gathered picket on May 15 against militia lawlessness in St. Petersburg. Young people, mostly informal/unorganized, distributed informational leaflets to passersby, talking to same, and several people played musical instruments. The event was filmed by nearby UBOP officers. Several policemen in plain clothes were walking around the sobravshisya. The action took place calmly and without any provocation by the police. According to the

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