Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The anarchist movement in New Zealand is young, but it is vibrant. Here's an announcement for the latest issue of one of their magazines, 'Imminant Rebellion", along with the poetry that they felt had to be sent along with the blurb. (Yeah, Molly hates modern "poetry", but to each their own taste). Anyways....
Aotearoa (New Zealand), Anarchist Journal Imminent Rebellion #9 - page 1-13 - of the Rebel Press* - Introduction, Content, Ballad of an Ungrateful Immigrant;
---- Anarchism begins from the central insight that social hierarchies are unnecessary and, therefore, oppressive. In place of the systemic violence of power, anarchism seeks instead to expand upon the combined ideals of freedom coupled with equality. Against the centralisation and violence of the State, anarchism proposes the full decentralisation of the political and the economic, the destruction of national borders, and the horizontal organisation of life from the smallest to the largest, from the simplest to the most complex. Against wage slavery and poverty, anarchism seeks the full socialisation of property, shared and worked in common to directly meet the needs of people. And in rejecting hierarchies of identity -- sexual, racial, ethnic, or otherwise -- anarchism seeks an expansive and thoroughgoing egalitarianism. Decentralisation, free association, and mutual aid -- such are the key concepts of anarchism.
An irregular anarchist journal from deep in the South Pacific.
A politics that refuses to reduce the complexity of life to the singular logic of the State cannot be simple, cannot be the domain of easy slogans. Nor can an anarchist politics ever make the risk of believing it has achieved a finality, even if only theoretical. This journal is therefore not propaganda, but a genuine attempt to articulate an anarchist practice and theory, one whose articulation cannot have an end.
hand bound with a hatred of the State infused into every page
Editor + Designer Torrance
Special Thanks - Jen / Ali / Val / Kane / Kim of Rebel Press
Publisher Rebel Press >
PO Box 9263 Te Aro >
Wellington Aotearoa
Contributions for issue 10 can be sent to our email address.We prefer articles to be kept below 5,000 words. Deadline sometime before the end of 2008 ­ check the website for updates.
Content of imminent rebellion #9
*t.b., suitcases, frogs and dogs -­ my 15th October 2007 4
*ballad of an ungrateful immigrant 13
*the Tongan riots 14
*know your rights, these are your rights 30
*operation 8 ­ how the police watched us 36
*fuck me like the whore I am 46
*from the streets to the cells and back again 52
*a critique of NGOism 56
*lake Waikaremoana ­ back in Thoe hands 68
*for revolutionary struggle not activism 74
*why is it so hard to support survivors? 79
*towards an anarcho-design practice 84
*behind German borders 91
*dangerous foundations: an argument against the Identity in Identity Politics 98
*letters 107
Ballad of an Ungrateful Immigrant ---­ Nausea Nissenbaum
So... what're you getting for your birthday?
He laughs at the joke I don't get
Coz yesterday in economics class
He learned just what percent of Jewish girls
Want nose jobs for their sweet sixteens.
And every time I walk past
These boys yell out, `hey Moses,'
Like it's the worst insult they could dream up
And I wonder how do they know?
When my eyes are blue like theirs
And my hair is light like theirs
And my skin my skin is whiter than theirs
That pale Polish complexion so unsuited to this ozone free climate
But something gives me away
Coz my nose is all wrong
And my lips - they are fish lips - that same boy tells me
So I wear a silver star around my neck
Like a big fuck you to their wholesome Anglo paradise
And every time a teacher stops me to talk about uniform regulation
I talk back
I talk about pogroms,
I talk about Jews taking communion and spitting it right back out,
I talk about Jews burnt at the stake and
Jews burnt in ovens
And after all that do you really think a detention's gonna scare me?
And when I talk, they listen
They listen, and they shut up, and they back off
Like the intensity in my eyes and the quivering in my voice
Is a knife that might start slashing
At their Anglo-Celtic-Saxon white white white reality.
In social studies we learn about the holocaust
My grandma's existence on display for these
Wide eyed blonde teenagers
Who stare and whisper as I bite my lip to dam the tears
Tears which burst out later, in drama,
When Wayne Lancaster tells the class how Hitler is his idol
And the AP apologises to me after my mum complains coz
Wayne's entitled to his opinion
But he needs to understand, you can't
say things like that in front of Jewish people.
Of course, most people are nicer
They tell me all about their granddads who fought in World War Two
Like they were fighting for my freedom and I should be grateful
except that my grandad also fought in World War Two
And when it ended he had no home to go back to.
So all I can say is, fuck you New Zealand
Yeah, I'll take your passport
I'll take your dole payments
But your smug gentile pity
Your churches on every corner
And your Christmas lights in every park
That you can shove up your touchas.
* Rebel Press: ... "all our books are proofed, laid out and hand bound by our local black bloc"

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