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The following is a "Molly trans" from a recent article on A-Infos. It's an appeal for solidarity with 5 political prisoners involved in a land struggle in Nueva Castilla in Mexico. Note the involvement of the Canadian Scotiabank in this affair. This bank has its hands in a lot of the affairs of Mexico, including those of the state of Oaxaca.

[Mexico] Freedom for the Five Prisoners in Nueva Castilla !


We urge solidarity and support for the comrades who have been arrested by state authorities in the pay of the construction mafia of the north of the country.

* Gerardo Armendariz: an anarchist comrade, adherent to the Other Campaign, worker, in solidarity for more than 15 years ago with social and popular struggles . Member of various collectives, groups, and coalitions.

*Juan Balderas: lawyer for social struggles. in solidarity with various questions in the region. He was acting as a legal representative for settlers.

*Alicia Gutierrez: Commune member and activist of the Colony of Agropecuaria Emiliano Zapata of El Carmen, Nuevo Leon, who have for 4 years been fighting for the return of their lands that were seized by landowners and profiteers, aides of the Governor. Actually they've already recovered their land, but it is possible that the authorities intend for this reason to take their revenge on her.

*Josue Obed Juarez: young son of one of the colonists of New Castile, active participant in actions for recovery of the property. It's falsely stated on he damaged the gateway to the grounds.

*Gabriela Bautista: daughter of the person who made the purchase agreement with the neighbors. Her family has met with apprehension orders that have bit by bit stripped them of their what land there is remaining to them.

All are accused in under the criminal charge of 078/2008-II , of the crime of plundering property, a serious crime in our state whose laws are made to defend the profiteers and the rich.

It should be remembered that the town of Escobedo, is the fiefdom of the land Czar land of
the State, Abel Guerra, who for years through CTM, construction, the municipal government and state and INFONAVIT has dedicated itself to take over land disputes in particularly difficult litigation.

It was he who had pushed to the Bautista family to cede their lands, and he has been orchestrated everything. It is also who is behind the Valley of Kings project to build a golf course and Luxury residences in an UNESCO protected area and as a tunnel in the saddle of the hill that is the emblem of the city to enabling a highway for the exclusive use of the upper middle class of the region.

Abel Guerra is supported by the Governor's brother, from the office from which he legally represents and lead all its efforts of the looting. It should be remembered that this legal office, has directed the last 4 governors, and the last 6 justice ministers of the state.

For this reason not surprising at all that the hired assassins of the Institute of State Housing and Scotiabank, led by Adrian Marcelo Marroquin, were able to hang out around the desks where they took the statements of the defendants. Besides carrying food to their procuratorial agents and prosecutors during the time the detainees were at the disposal of the MP (72 hours).

The financial department of New Castile, is already negotiating between the IEV and a trust of builders, 14 to be exact, amongst which the major developers are: Maple (the Valley of Kings), Ponce Garza, Maiz Mier (the governor's brother in law), Urbi, Java, etc. ... This trust represents Scotiabank.

It is known that they seek to develop a large industrial complex and housing on the public lands of New Castile, which is along the road to Laredo. The road to Colombia, and the road to Santa Rosa are only 10 minutes from the international airport in Monterrey and 2 minutes drive from the (private) northern airport.

The release of our comrades depends on social mobilization that we can generate in Nuevo Leon, Mexico and the world.

For this reason, we call for mobilization days for the freedom of the 5 detainees!

Struggling against landowners and profiteers, predators and usurers of land and construction is one of the main tasks of social movements in the face of the rise of popular urban conflicts and the imminence of an ecological catastrophe (Valley of Kings) that involve the lack of water scarcity and the consequent increase in price of products and services that depend on this vital liquid, with consequences that will be disastrous for the workers and the people of Nuevo Leon.

It is time to reach higher. Freeing our colleagues will give a boost to these struggles. A defeat is a defeat for the whole movement.

*Freedom for prisoners to fight!
*Down with the criminalization of protest!

*Not one step backward in protecting the earth!

*Abel Guerra, Natividad Gonzalez Paras and family: the real criminals!

*All out at 1 pm at the Macroplaza to liberate our comrades!

Mutual Aid Coordinator

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Libertad5nvaCastilla said...

Hi! Its been a pleasure to see this post. We are members of the Pro Political Prisoners Coordination of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico; which is a collective of all the organisations that participate in the Nueva Castilla Struggle. We participate in the blog "libertad5nvacastilla" and by this very moment we are calling all the international organisations, collectives, or individuals, to a movilization this next Tuesday 10th of June. Our collective are organizating a march and a mitin, here in Monterrey. We call the international support.Check our last post in the blog for more details.