Sunday, May 11, 2008

The growth of neo-fascism in the countries of the ex-Soviet Empire in recent years has been troubling. One might say that both the mendacity of Marxist rule and the kleptocracy of the transition to a "somewhat" free market contributed to this trend. In any case this cancerous growth hasn't gone upopposed. Here is a report from ukraine about a recent anti-fascist demonstration that gathered broad support from anarchists and otheres. The following has been edited for reasons of English grammar.
Ukraine, antifa demo in Kiev, 9 may - Together against fascism.
On the 9th of May international antifascist demo took place in Kiev and finished laying flowers at the monument of the Unknown soldier.
---- Around 200 antifascists and people from African, Arab and Central Asian communities gathered in center of Kiev near the Arsenalna Metro . They wanted to honour the memory of the dead in the struggle against fascism. Also they wanted to attract the attention of society to the problem of a neo-nazism revival in Ukraine.
---- >Since the beginning of 2008 in Ukraine neonazis have made more attacks than during 2007, 2 people were killed. The victims of these attacks are not only foreigners but also everybody who does not agree with their racist theories, who don't want a fascist dictatorship to be established and are not scared to claim it out loud.
Antiracists spread out the banners "All different, all equal" and"Together against fascism" and started their demo. People with different colors of skin chanted "the color of skin is not important,together we say NO to fascism", "the world is colour, but not brown","our motherland is all humanity", "alerta, alerta, antifascista","internationality, solidarity", "nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten". Passersby supported the march and express their solidarity. The veterans were very much surprised . The antiracist leaflets were spread.Near the eternal flame a spontaneous rally took place. The members of communities and local activists had speeches. Different people took part in the action: leftists, anarchists, RASH and SHARP, punks, just conscientious youth and elders.It was the first such big, multinational, antifascist non-government demo in Ukraine.

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