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As reported previously here at Molly's Blog there is a new land occupation on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. the following is a "Molly trans" of their latest report published in Spanish at the A-Infos website. As per usual this is a "as the sense" translation rather than a verbatim one.


[Argentina] Communique of the Land and Freedom Community

Third Communique of the feed of Land and Freedom. In Evita City, La Matanza

Day 25/05/2008

As comrades(Molly Note-in all my translations from Spanish I replace the literal translation of "companions" with the more usual English word of "comrade") of the occupation of the Land and Freedom Community, we express with conviction that the 29th of May will observe 2 months of resistance to the land occupation.

We have grown, and are currently 145 families, because we have occupied in two opportunities more land adjacent to land first occupied on March 29. All these lands were destined for capitalist real estate development with the complicity of the state.

These extensions of our land occupations, have strengthened our space of anti-hierarchical assemblies, the only area of our decision making in the land and freedom community.

The bullying oppressor has shot to kill us more than 80 times , called on its "para-police" group,from among all who have negotiated with the Police on land next to our occupation ( car wreckers, an aluminium smelter, an illegal gambling outfit, drug dealers) is also suspected of a kidnapping which requested a ransom of $ 3,000,000 dollars. This shows that organized crime is one of the many faces of power (such as police, politicians, etc.).

For all these reasons, our situation is very tense.

In addition there are two events that we denounce because they were are an attack on our lives.:

1. The existence of death threats against several comrades companions of our occupation of the Land and Freedom Community.

2. On two occasions the civilian police attempted to infiltrate and gather information, one was in an assembly and the other was in taking photos at the entrance of the occupation. On both occasions we threw out the two repressive and oppressive servants.

Also the situation is very tense because the State oppressors threatens us because we are usurping land and we do not know when they will proceed with eviction. It is said that the land belongs to the IVC of the Macri Government or the Provincial Government. In either case, before any attempt to evict us we state that we are going to resist for our DIGNITY.

Despite the fact that this whole situation is very tense we continue to gain strength throughout the fight we have sustained, for example with self-managed cultural activities and other actions and activities of the struggle.

We thank the solidarity that we are receiving from many colleagues sympathetic to our principles of organization (decide everything in our anti-hierarchical assemblies , self-management, direct action , freedom, solidarity, mutual aid, love, communitarianism).

Yet we continue to seek solidarity. This can be in the form of:

*providing money to fund the fight, clothing, food, physical presence, etc.. to continue holding this fight.

The occupation is being demonstrated out on the street "El Nogal" at its base, between Route 21 and The Clavelinas, Ciudad Evita, La Matanza.

Brothers and sisters of the Occupation of the Land and Freedom Community

"The people united will move forward and never be defeated"

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