Friday, May 02, 2008

The libertarian socialist group Autonomy and Solidarity are bringing out issue # 6 of their journal 'Upping the Anti', and they are planning various launch activities across the province of Ontario. One will be in Sudbury on May 14, and it will focus on "the politics of hip-hop". here's their announcement.

The Politics of Hip Hop: A Sudbury Launch Event for Upping the Anti # 6.
Wednesday, May 14th at 7pm sharp.
Laurentian University, Class Room Building (between the Library and the Arts Building), Room C-304. This is a wheel-chair accessible location.
A discussion of hip hop sparked by the "It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop" interview with Mutula Olugbala ( M-1) from the revolutionary hip hop duo Dead Prez in Upping the Anti 6. This event will include speakers, discussion, and music videos. Copies of Upping the Anti 6 will be available for $5 each.
*Shana Calixte -- "Your Revolution Will not Happen Between these Thighs": Forwarding a Hip Hop Feminist Pedagogy.Shana, queer mom/black feminist/academic is a lecturer in the Women's Studies department at Laurentian University. She has recently reconnected with her love of Hip Hop music, and currently teaches a course entitled: Theorizing Hip Hop Feminisms: Race, Gender and Sexuality at York University. She lives with her partner and son Dré in Sudbury.
*Kaili Beck -- Music and the Movement: Using music as pedagogy for social change.Kaili is a professor of Sociology and Labour Studies at Laurentian University and a consummate music fan. She volunteered for many years in Campus and Community Radio and the Northern Lights Festival Boreal, along with being a part of presenting many of the early all-ages shows of underground music in Sudbury through the early to mid 1990's. Kaili has spent much of her spare time actively participating in cultural events in the community, ranging from presenting underground concerts to organizing the Sudbury chapter of the Radical Cheerleaders, to bring entertainment and social activism together.
*Robin Desmeules -- Who May Play? Investigating Hip Hop and Identity Robin is a musician from the Sudbury area with a passionate interest in the ways that music and politics intersect. She will complete her undergraduate degree in Music and Political Science at Laurentian University this spring, and begins graduate studies in Music and Culture at Carleton University in the fall.
*Alex-Rev -- Visions of Hip Hop: Striking a Balance Facilitated discussion of the complexities and contradictions of native hip hop produced in Canada. Looking at both the revolutionary potential and the oppressive aspects of the music. Alex-Rev is an original guerrilla - with Common Cause, Sudbury Against War and Occupation. Fan of RGB Hip-Hop. Helping Hand with Indigenous Rebellion.
For travel and childcare subsidization, of if you need a ride from downtown to the event and back, call Gary at 523-2205 or email
Upping the Anti is a radical journal of theory and action which provides a space to address and discuss unresolved questions and dynamics within the anti-capitalist, anti-oppression, and anti-imperialist politics of today’s radical left in Canada. For more information on Upping the Anti go to

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